Where do I even begin with these two…

Leon and Laura are close friends of ours - heck, we even joined forces with other mutual friends to help initiate the relationship (although we discovered that they didn’t need much encouragement!).

Watching their relationship blossom from the very beginning, it was pretty clear that they were an excellent match - and 30 years of waiting for the right person certainly paid off for the both of them.

When they asked if I was interested in photographing their wedding I could have easily screamed, “Are you joking?! I’ve been wanting to photograph your wedding since before you got engaged!” But somehow I kept my cool, and instead settled for a resounding “YES PLEASE” and a Chandler Bing-style happy dance.

So enjoy - my dear friends’ incredible wedding day; complete with self-collected and created native bouquets, outdoor-lounging under naked tipis, and a hand-made wedding dress! (And oh so much more!)