I don't quite know where to begin with the story of Jem and Sam - they had me at "hello" and I never intend to say goodbye to these guys!

These two have actually been married to each other before. "We were very young," Jemma tells me. "And I don't think we were really prepared for married life."

It was during this 'first go' that they had their little boy Oska, and now - after time to discover and grow in themselves, they came together for the last time to do marriage with a new perspective.

Documenting this day was one of my absolute favourite memories (I had to try pretty hard not to lose it during the ceremony, it was that beautiful!). I loved seeing the certainty in their faces, and the happiness in Oska's grin - to see his mum and dad come together again (with a younger sibling brewing too!).

It may have been a little cloudy, and there might have been a touch of rain, but this day was one of the brightest and loveliest I'd ever seen.