How can someone so small make such an impact?

As mothers we carry a child for months inside of us, and getting to know them isn’t too dissimilar from trying to figure someone out by never actually speaking and only passing each other notes (or more accurately - sending inconsistent, incoherent morse-code through jabs and wiggles).

So how is it that when we finally do meet, and whether it’s instant or even just a few days after seeing each other face-to-face, we can love them as much (or more) than someone we’ve known our whole lives?

I’d say that maybe it’s because they are a part of us, but I think parents who adopt or have children via other means get that same overwhelming love.

I may never be able to express or figure out exactly how this love comes about - and I don’t think I need to really, but I will never get over the fact that I get to see it so often.

I saw it with baby Charlie and his parents - this tiny human who was barely over a week old, and I could just see that (just like with their oldest child Maddie) they would do anything for their baby…