It wasn't until halfway through photographing their wedding day - after an epic ceremony, lawn games, skipping stones, and photos with goats and a horse - that I found out that John and Georgia had planned the day in just four weeks.

Four. Weeks.

I was amazed! But you know, seeing the couple they were, and the wonderfully helpful friends they had, I could believe it. 

This wedding re-afirmed with me the importance of family, whether they be blood-related, newly acquired, or just those friends that might as well be your brother or sister you're that close. John's family couldn't be there (but they watched via Skype from England, all in their pyjamas - no joke), but the newlyweds had a second wedding celebration over in the UK just for his side of the family, and in as much spectacular fashion as the first.

So enjoy a glimpse of the most beautiful wedding you've ever laid eyes on, that was organised in record-time!