When you document an abundance of weddings and other shoots, you come across a lot of other talents and vendors - makeup artists, videographers, florists, models, and hair stylists - and you learn which are the ones you will happily recommend, and which ones probably don’t have “the thing”.

Enter Hannah - a hair-stylist extraordinaire, and all-round gem of a person - who definitely has “the thing” when it comes to hair styling!

Rewind a few years - I’m photographing Kye and Anna’s wedding, and my husband runs up to me and whispers, “There’s a lady here that is your twin!” Moments later I was introduced to my apparent doppelgänger, who turned out to be the beautiful Hannah! (If we were twins, she would definitely be the hot one!)

Over the next few years she became, not only a lovely friend, but an incredibly talented hair stylist that I frequently saw during wedding prep on shoots. And boy did she blow me away. Every single bride (and bridesmaid) that Hannah touches with her magician-like hands, ends up adorned with the most beautifully styled hair! I can’t. Even.

So when this wonderful human asked if we could join forces on a styling shoot, to showcase her mad skills, I couldn’t say anything but a resounded, “Heck YES!”


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If you’re getting married and want to have a naturally beautiful looking up-do - Hannah is your girl!

Hair styling: Hair by Hannah

Make up: Myself

Wardrobe and styling: Hannah and myself